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Assurify is leveraging on modern technologies to create and distribute insurance-backed protection policy

About Us

At Assurify, we collaborate with insurance company underwriters to design insurance-backed protection plans. We purchase the policies, digitize them using Web 3.0 Blockchain Smart Contract, and utilize embedded APIs for seamless distribution.

Our digital insurance protection process guarantees efficient, secure, and user-friendly experiences for both insurance providers and customers.

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Agriculture Equipments

Lifecycle of Smart Contract

Some of the benefits of our smart warranty contracts include

Policy Creation

Policy Underwriting

Policy Review and Auditing

Smart Contract Deployment

Premium Pooling

Premium Payment

Policy Activation

Claim Processing

Claim Payout

Policy Expiry and Renewal

Policy Termination

Empowering Your Business Growth with Assurify

Ready to experience the Assurify advantage? Contact our team today to explore how our insurance-backed protection plans and SaaS products can benefit your business.

Embedded Insurance Distribution

Our API-embedded distribution system enables us to deliver our smart warranty contracts through a variety of channels, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C. This means that we can work with businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small startups, to provide them with the warranty solutions that they need.


For B2C channels

We provide a user-friendly platform that allows consumers to easily purchase and manage their warranty contracts. Our contracts are delivered in real-time, providing consumers with instant protection for their products.


For B2B channels

We work closely with businesses to integrate our smart warranty contracts into their existing systems. This ensures that businesses can seamlessly offer warranties to their customers, without the need for any additional infrastructure.


For B2B2C channels

We provide a complete end-to-end solution that enables manufacturers to offer warranties to their customers through their existing channels. Our API-embedded distribution system ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate our contracts into their systems.

Vaulable clients

Assurify Use-case

Experience the future of digital insurance with Assurify's cutting-edge technology, driving our innovative Bigfix Assure protection plans.

Seamlessly distributed through Bigfix Vault, our comprehensive plans offer a smooth and efficient process for customers.

Retailers can tap into Bigfix Merchant, while Online Marketers unlock new growth opportunities with Bigfix Ecom.

Embrace enhanced security and unmatched convenience through Assurify's integrated solutions, simplifying insurance like never before.

Join us on this transformative journey toward a safer and more protected tomorrow.

Assurify Digital Claim Settlement

Assurify has chosen Warrantify as its TPA to handle electronic device and electricvehicle claim fulfilment.

Warrantify's contact centre is staffed with quality executives and has access to 5000+ Servicers in 18000+ Pincodes across India.

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